Sunday, November 06, 2005

So Far So Far

Hi. We have made it through the first ten days or so of our European tour, and it has been fun! And much better than i could have imagined. We have been in France (left the day the riots started) and Berlin ( yes, it was a nice homecoming and record release party) where the backstage was so packed you couldn't even move after the show. How very Berlin. Our good buddies Khan and Snax from Captain Comatose came onstage for our cover of their song, Mr. Monkey and tore it up! And we did an impromtu version of Goo Goo Muck with Khan singing an electric boogaloo boogie bastardized ballad . It was great to see a bunch of friends from all walks and eras of my times in Berlin, my second home, through the years. Miss Violet was there from New Orleans, Fred "Electronicat" Bigo, Jochen from Neubautan, Christoph Dreher from Die Haut, Toby Dammit, Maria Zastrow plus one, Andrea Wunsche plus one, It was Andy's (DJ at Ostgut and all over) birthday , so there was much to celebrate! Jack had been watch a Bowie "Station to Station" DVD earlier and was channeling Earl Slick! Sean Maffucci (bass) and Fiore Tedesco (drums)have been just amazing and elegant and brutish (my fave combination). Jorge, of course, soars in and out of the holes and creates new avenues and pictures from his laptop. A nice looking bunch of guys i must say. see the photo. ok,maybe a bit seedy, sexy...
After Berlin we got in the blue bus and made our way to Sweden. The Gothenburg show was change of venue, so we ended up playing a teenage pop party. I really felt like an old pervert onstage . more Andre Willams than Bryan Ferry. However, the kids were cute and i was happy to fall into the generation gap! They all looked like my friend's band in NY, Head Automatica! Stockholm, on the other hand, was really a great fun, rockabilly/garage party, (more our people) at Debaser.It was packed and although i think they were perplexed a bit by our not so by the book sophisticated boom boom, it didn't take long before the kids were on fire. So now we are in Oslo, Norway, playing at Garage tonight. I like the hotel, free internet, and the breakfast was tasty. seems we are in a touristic, theater section of town. i must go see what i can find before my radio interview. maybe some new pants? Oh yeah, allmy "wifebeater" undershirts are dirty. I'll go find a laundrymat.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gothenburg venue change for Thursday

Hi All, the tour has been amaingly great so far. France was fantastique in all cities, really fun people , really sexy people, and LOTS of them...Thank you.... thank. The shows tomorrow , Thursday November 3 in Gothenberg, Sweden has had a venue change , the show originally booked at Sticky Fingers has been moved to Jazzhuset in central Gothenburg. Google it for info.. We are playing early. More soon.I am in Berlin and it is early. Need more coffee. Ciao.

Monday, October 10, 2005


WELL , doesn't the new website look amazing?. I must give a big thanks to Jonathan for all the hard work he did on this. I am talking, of course , about Well done! Hope all enjoy it.
This last week has been crazy getting all the loose ends ready for our tour. I won't bore you with the details. ( and details and details and details) but all is going well. We are very excited. The dates we have been posting have changed some, and please keep checking the SHOWS page for updates.
I will blog more soon. Just wanted to publicly thank Jonathan. keep safe

Monday, October 03, 2005


So "Philosophy and Underwear" is out TODAY! Itis European release on Trans Solar records. I am not sure what stores will have it but it IS on Apple iTunes Music store
Philosophy and Underwear
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
Release Date: Oct 03, 2005
Genre: Alternative
(P) 2005 Transsolar Records


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Berlin report

I am in Berlin for the POPKOM music confertence and to do some press before our tour. I attended the Trans Solar night at Magnet club,was cool to see Razi, Boy From Brazil, Tokyo Sex Destruction, and pals Viva L"America Death Ray Music, and KHAN DJ set. It seemed that none of the POPKOM events were too crowded that I went to. I wonder if people even care. Or is Berlin getting as jaded as NYC? In any event I have heard some great music and am glad to be here and get a feel that "Philosophy and Underwear" is getting a great reception. AND soon will have up the "new look" website on
here are the next NYC shows for Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
27. Sept. Brooklyn/Redhook - The Hook (With Weird War and The Assault)
06. Oct. NYC- Pussycat Lounge

Monday, September 12, 2005

YEAH. Great show last night

The benefit show was a blast last night and we all raised over 3,ooo bucks for the musicians of New Orleans. The mood was great and the music was greater. COOLNESS!
I am off tomorrow to Berlin to attend the POPKOM music conference and do some press for our new album, "Philosophy and Underwear" on Trans Solar records. I will attend the Trans Solar night on the 15th where my compadre, Khan, will be DJ-ing and performing solo (i bet I jump onstage!) and also see VIVA L'AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC , and Razi BOY FROM BRAZIL.
will report accordingly. More soon...

Thursday, September 08, 2005


We all are aware and sorry and outraged all at the same time about the disaster in New Orleans and surrounding areas and how it is has been handled. So some of the folks with lots of friends directly affected have gotten together to raise some direct funds for our
Big benefit for victims of Katrina this Sunday in Brooklyn!!! Know that the
money raised at this event will go directly to people from the rock and roll
community who are in need...
Sun 9/11
at Magnetic Field - 97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
directions at:
$10 cover (more if you can afford it!)
Doors 4PM
Bands start at 6PM, DJs all day and all night long!!!!
Bands to play:
A-BONES (Norton Records) 9pm
KID CONGO and the PINK MONKEY BIRDS (ex-Cramps, Gun
Club, Bad Seeds) 8pm
INSOMNIACS (NJ Mod-Garage Rockers) 7 :30pm
SPITTOONS (Brooklyn 50s and 60s rock n rollers) 6:45
Plus DJs all day and and all night long:
TIM WARREN (Crypt Records)
KARI KROME (from the Runaways!)
JOSH STYLES (Smashed Blocked)
THE THING WITH TWO HEADS (Penetration Party),
PADDY BULLOCKS (Penetration/Shop Fronts)
TOMDASH (Dot Dash)
Raffles from: Crypt Records, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Get Hip
Records, Telstar Records, Norton Records, as well as local merchants and
community members!
Baked Goods for Sale, Special CD comps for Sale
All proceeds will go to The Rock n Roll Community Fund and New Orleans Musicians Clinic
For more info on these funds, please see below...
Since this was done on the fly, please spread the word!!!
The rock and roll community fund
This fund was put together to aid members of the garage and punk rock communities who have lost everything due to Hurricane Katrina. Most recipients identified are currently in Memphis and Austin, however we are
taking names of those in need from wherever they have established temporary homes. Thanks to DJ Paddy Bullocks, whose father is a minister there, funds are being administered by Trinity Parish Church. Due the high concentration
of those in need who have fled to Memphis and Austin, funds are beingdistributed by Goner Records in Memphis and Rocks Off Records in Austin.
Trinity Parish Church Episcopal Discretionary Fund
200 N Elm St
Searcy, AR 72143-5271
put Katrina Fund in subject line of check
paypal to:

New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC)
This is a fantastic hands on organization who has the names and addresses of so many great musicians because they have them all coming to their FREE health clinic all these years and now, they are the ones who are tracking down the local musicians and finding them shelter. They are the New Orleans Musicians Clinic and know the whereabouts of the local musicians down there.
Send donations to:
NOMC Emergency Fund
funds will be distributed by:
SW LA Area Health Education Center Foundation, Inc.
103 Independence Blvd.
Lafayette, LA 70506
desk: 337-989-0001
fax: 337-989-1401
Contact: Kathy Richard directly at 337 989-0001
The New Orleans Musicians Clinic is determined to keep Louisiana Music Alive! We want to relocate our New Orleans musicians into the Lafayette/ Acadiana community where they can remain a life force! But most of them have lost everything... we must help them rebuild their lives.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Hello, I just decided to change blog companies, the one i was using before was too complicated . Hey, life should be easy after all. This is really a test as I get used to the new format. Also my computer had just gone kaput and I have a new ibook to be in touch with you all. As a test, I am gonna post the last blog about the CGB benefit Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds took part in last week. Read on!. Thanks.

CBGB BENEFIT 8/5/05 /Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds/ Elliot Sharp and Carbon, The Bush Tetras, Ari Up and The True Warriors,The Electro Putas

It was fun to be onstage at CB's again, it had been awhile. I actually remember my first show as a fan there, The Dead Boys in 1977. I was on a short stop over to Europe and met my friends Marcy and Jet in NYC. We were big music fans from Los Angeles and couldn't stand NOT being able to be a part of the punk music scene . So the pilgrimage was made. I remember it was a hot summer night and we had gone to see The Heartbreakers at The Village Gate, which was on Bleeker St. at the time in the Village. I remember the entire audience marched from the Heartbreakers show down to CBGB to catch the late set of The Dead Boys. It was so exciting and happening. That is such a vivd memory for me. I was 17 or 18 at the time. Funnily enough, I was to see THE SLITS in London at the Vortex club on the same trip. So It was great to play with Ari Up this weekend. Actually the first show of KID&KHAN was on a bill with Ari Up. Small world, eh? I have played there various times with The Cramps and The Gun Club in the 80's, so it was a good feeling to do something to try and save the club that held so many memories for me.
Anyways, back to the other night. If I do say so myself, we did an amazing show, one of our best. I think that since we recorded our album, something happened and clicked with our live set. I am never sure what THAT THING is, but it is HOT! We ended the set in tribute to CB's with our version of the Patti Smith version ( a version of a version?) of "Gloria" which was a trip to perform on The Bowery. People who were there seemed to really dig it and we did our set as long as we liked, despite the threats of having the plug pulled. Ha Ha, real punk attitude.
Next Elliot Sharp & Carbon went on with Elliot's very signature avant guitar work. people were starting to float in at a bigger rate by the time he ended. THEN the BUSH TETRAS came on and really blew everyone away. I think it was 4 or 5 years since they last played. I will tell you that Pat Place still is one of my all time favorite guitarists, truly original and quite rocking! I first saw her at CBGB playing with The Contortions ( on a bill with The Cramps, when Bryan Gregory was with them, who knew I would end up taking his place when he ran off in the night?) . Anyways, her crazy slide and wall of chords are a real inspiration to me still. I love Link Wray and Jimi Hendrix, and Pat Place is right up there for me!... This night the Bush Tetras ruled. They played all the hits, "Can't be Funky", "Cowboys in Africa", Things Go Bump in the Night" and "Too Many Creeps" where Cynthia Sley threw in "NYU!" when repeating the "too many creeps " refrain at the end. I love when songs maybe 20 years old still are relevant and change meaning. I was with some friends who were not familiar with them and they were converted on the spot and next day were seeking the records! Bravo Bush Tetras! Please come back to the live circuit and teach these upstarts!
Speaking of "upstarts" next up was the "legendary" punky reggae queen, Ari Up and The True Warriors. She is still full of the crazy uplifting energy that I saw way back in 1977 and in the 80's with THE SLITS. Me and Jeffrey Lee Pierce were fascinated and delighted by The Slits and, believe it or not, they were an original influence when we started our first band, The Creeping Ritual, which morphed into The Gun Club. Their mix of dub reggae, free jazz and punk rock somehow spoke to us. And their ability to have crazy humor and still sing of struggles was such an intoxicating cocktail we could not resist. Many agreed and still do!.
So this night, Ari performed many Slits, songs, opening with my fave, "Instant Hit". She did a great fashion show, stopped songs to talk to the audience, brought up some "Typical Girls" to sing, scream and dance, Swung her extra long dreads like a airplane propeller, and brought a whole new meaning to "freestyle" .... The True Warriors were a great band doing both the punk and reggae turns on a dime. I was dizzy by the end of her set , and thrilled. A true original voice and style. AND the bass player was a Bear in a kimono! Beat that!
The Electro Putas were next but i am sorry to say I had to leave. Too bad because they are one of the bands that are true originals in NYC today. The night had just been too long for this older punk ! But it was a great night of music, and made me feel on the right track with The Pink Monkey Birds. That true punk, and post punk, was about mixing musical styles to come up with a new voice. These folks this night were , and are, all successful at that. It is what keeps me going. for real. And the night did make me sentimental towards CBGB. It has been a great place and really helped shaped my musical profile today. It has been years since I frequented the place, as I am not into the music style they book the past decade or longer. But it is the fact that it has always been there since i first stepped foot in NYC in 1977, and that it is just always been THERE. I don't even miss living in the East Village any more, however I will miss CB's if it goes. What will replace it? Oh yeah, "TOO MANY CREEPS!"