Sunday, November 06, 2005

So Far So Far

Hi. We have made it through the first ten days or so of our European tour, and it has been fun! And much better than i could have imagined. We have been in France (left the day the riots started) and Berlin ( yes, it was a nice homecoming and record release party) where the backstage was so packed you couldn't even move after the show. How very Berlin. Our good buddies Khan and Snax from Captain Comatose came onstage for our cover of their song, Mr. Monkey and tore it up! And we did an impromtu version of Goo Goo Muck with Khan singing an electric boogaloo boogie bastardized ballad . It was great to see a bunch of friends from all walks and eras of my times in Berlin, my second home, through the years. Miss Violet was there from New Orleans, Fred "Electronicat" Bigo, Jochen from Neubautan, Christoph Dreher from Die Haut, Toby Dammit, Maria Zastrow plus one, Andrea Wunsche plus one, It was Andy's (DJ at Ostgut and all over) birthday , so there was much to celebrate! Jack had been watch a Bowie "Station to Station" DVD earlier and was channeling Earl Slick! Sean Maffucci (bass) and Fiore Tedesco (drums)have been just amazing and elegant and brutish (my fave combination). Jorge, of course, soars in and out of the holes and creates new avenues and pictures from his laptop. A nice looking bunch of guys i must say. see the photo. ok,maybe a bit seedy, sexy...
After Berlin we got in the blue bus and made our way to Sweden. The Gothenburg show was change of venue, so we ended up playing a teenage pop party. I really felt like an old pervert onstage . more Andre Willams than Bryan Ferry. However, the kids were cute and i was happy to fall into the generation gap! They all looked like my friend's band in NY, Head Automatica! Stockholm, on the other hand, was really a great fun, rockabilly/garage party, (more our people) at Debaser.It was packed and although i think they were perplexed a bit by our not so by the book sophisticated boom boom, it didn't take long before the kids were on fire. So now we are in Oslo, Norway, playing at Garage tonight. I like the hotel, free internet, and the breakfast was tasty. seems we are in a touristic, theater section of town. i must go see what i can find before my radio interview. maybe some new pants? Oh yeah, allmy "wifebeater" undershirts are dirty. I'll go find a laundrymat.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gothenburg venue change for Thursday

Hi All, the tour has been amaingly great so far. France was fantastique in all cities, really fun people , really sexy people, and LOTS of them...Thank you.... thank. The shows tomorrow , Thursday November 3 in Gothenberg, Sweden has had a venue change , the show originally booked at Sticky Fingers has been moved to Jazzhuset in central Gothenburg. Google it for info.. We are playing early. More soon.I am in Berlin and it is early. Need more coffee. Ciao.