Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good news for us and NYNT

Jonathan from New York Night Train just called to tell me that the distributer, Revolver, has just picked up the label for distribution, which means, the records will be in US record stores sooner than later! This is great news for the label and my records. Hurrah.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It Has been awhile since my last posting. In this time I got moved into my new place here in Brooklyn, did a solo gig with Weird War at the Black Cat in DC, drove to and from Austin, Texas, to play 2 shows promoted by Jonathan Toubin for New York Night Train records, and webzine, Went to Easter in the Poconos at Jack Martin's sister's. Kelly AND John's, and been working on setting up a US tour with a new booking agency, Leafy Green, in San Francisco. Well, actually I have worked with the mighty Todd Cote before with Congo Norvell, but am happy and thrilled to be on his roster again in this incarnation. Makes me think of all the changes I have been through in the time from Congo Norvell till now. Wow, has it really been over ten years I have lived in New York without moving? I used to move every two years as a rule. Not even from city to city , but country to country! I came to the realization that I had to stay in one place if I wanted to have some kind of focus. It takes time to create a monster. And patience. har har. I had left the US in '84 citing the re-election of R. Reagan as a protest for some six years I lived in Europe. But look at the political climate now! What a horror! I had kinda guessed that this country would be a dictaorship all those years ago when the right moved in, but it is pretty astonishing to be watching and living in it. Kinda like swimming in shit. Thank god I am in the company of a subculture of friends around the world, who make me believe that all these years of doing exactly what I want and saying what I want, however disparate it may seem at times, is doing the right thing. Speaking of friend and company, It was with regrets that I missed the shindig that Jaqui Pierce threw in Los Angeles, in the memory and ten year anniversary of the death of my compadre, Jeffrey Lee Pierce. I had told Jaqui I would be there in spirit, thank god for astral projection! I hope it went well. I did my own tribute at my record release party at Tonic, when The Pink Monkey Birds backed up Thalia Zedek singing "Mother Of Earth" and "Sex Beat." completely magic! Would love to do more of that with her. It is hard to believe that Jeffrey has been on that other plane so long. I sometimes hear his voice really loud in one of my ears yelling "hi" sometimes. It's pretty weird. I am not asking for any explanation, I just say "hi" back.
The Pink Monkey Birds are looking to tour this summer, probably starting mid July. Keep checking the tour dates at