Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I just returned from rehearsing with Terry Graham and Ward Dotson for the Gun Club tribute or reunion or whatever you want to call it, that we are doing this Thursday in Los Angeles at the Don't Knock The Rock film festival
Thalia Zedek (whom you know from her solo records, and COME and LIVE SKULL before that)
is singing and I am so honered and thrilled and she is doing a most amazing job. Now I am really excited. I can tell you I had some trepidation about doing this at all, it really didn't appeal to me to do a "reunion" with out Jeffrey (which means I figured it "impossible" ) but I have changed my mind. This is really a one off for me, so i plan to enjoy it. The fact that it is in conjunctiion with the debut screening of the Documentary "Ghost On The Highway" By Kurt Voss and I reckoned that in this context, a live show made sense. We are doing 10 songs, all from the first 3 albums, "Fire Of Love" , "Miami", and "The Las Vegas Story"....

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I just realized that the listing for our show tonight is still on my website. sorry, but it was cancelled a while ago, just didn't get it off the page.
In other news, Rickie Lake came into my work the other day and was sweet.
I will be doing the Gun Club tribute thingy at the Don't Knock the Rock film festival in Los Angeles on June 29th at the RED CAT downtown. It is the premiere screening of the Kurt Voss documentary about Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club, " Ghost On The Highway." more about that later. Check out

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Metallic Falcons show.

Hi just got home from playing at the record release party for The Metallic Falcons and had such a great time meeting some new people and seeing some old friends. The show was fun and diverse and was great to be on the somewhat mixed rooster. I was glad they invited me to play. I was happy to see my theremin playing friend Arman Ra playing with the beautiful set by NOMI , and Antony singing with them and with Metallic Falcons, who donned great white cotton long beards. Very beardy weirdy.
I was glad to be asked to play as they just approached me out of the blue and I was intrigued by their image and sound. Turned out to be a great sexually diverse group of performers, and made me glad to be so sexually diverse! I never get asked to do gay things, especially in music, and although this was not a "gay" event, it was the most mixed crowd I have played with in awhile. At least in NYC. Anyways, that's the thought of the moment. I am amped up and in a great mood. Playing with a stripped down crew was satisfying and challenging too. Jack played his French acoustic guitar, John Fell played a snare drum, high hat and wooden block as a kick drum, I played guitar and a few electronic things. The audience looked reall good from the stage... I was and am happy. Good night.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tonic "SOLO" show NYC Wed 6/&/06

Hello Friends. Here is a note to let you know I (KID CONGO POWERS) will be Performing this Wed June 7 at Tonic in NYC. I will be doing a stripped down "solo-ish" show with bandmate Jack Martin , to clebrate the release of the debut album of The Metallic Falcons, a mysterious and dreamy crew led by Sierra Cassidy of CoCo Rosie and Matteah Baim. We are going onstage at 9 or 9:30 and admission is $3! and free beer till 9:30!! Also performing is Nomi, Bow Ribbons and some very, VERY special guests. check them out at check us out at