Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Int'l Shades, and Thalia Zedek play NYC, Tonic , Saturday, February 10.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Int'l Shades, and Thalia Zedek play NYC, Tonic , Saturday, February 10.
The show starts at 8:00 PM, admission is $10 and Tonic is located at 107 Norfolk St between Delancy and Rivington 212-358-7501 /

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds "Philosophy and Underwear" (New York Night Train Records) 4 stars
Starting his recording career at the dawn of the 80's, Kid Congo Powers
sidestepped the prevailing shallowness of that
decade to appear on some of the finest records of that era- The Cramps
"Psychedelic Jungle" and "The Smell of Female", Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "Tender Prey"
"The Good Son" and Barry Adamson's "Moss Side Story" to name a few.
This latest addition to his discography easlily lives up to that pedigree.
Songs such as "The Last Word" with superbly discordant guitars and anguished vocals, call to mind the first Voidoids
album, whilst JOHNNY could be Blitzkreig Bop put thru a blender and sung down a telephone.
Most of the lyrics on these songs wouldn't have disgraced even the most laconic
of Warhol's Factory hands "It's the weather, it's the war/ I'm confused, I'm a whore." MOJO music magazine

Recently back from a mind boggling, wig twisting US and European Tour, KCP&PMB's (Kid:Guitar/voice, Kiki Solis:(Knife in the Water, Rhythm of Black Lines)on Bass, and Danny Hole (Nikki Sudden, The Warlocks.) on Drums, finally play a proper NYC show! Songs from Kid's past (Gun Club) and present will be in the set! Will have CD's, some vinyl, and t-shirts from the tour for sale.

Int'l Shades was formed in 2003 by legendary underground
musicians, drummer Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Knoxville Girls)
and Mark C ( Live Skull, Spoiler) guitar and vocals. Bob and Mark are
joined by Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar, Cat Power, Half Japanese) on bass and vocals,
and Alexa Wilding (Dumbo's star singer songwriter) on vocals and synthesizer.
Their first release, Hash Wednesday, is available on colored vinyl and cd on Cass Records.

The Big Takeover says, "Int'l Shades play appealing post-punk pop that's as light as it is dark.
This isn't nostalgia, this is fresh."

Thrill Jockey recording artist Thalia Zedek, in a newly expanded 5 piece band featuring Winston
Bramen, Daniel Coughlin, David Michael Curry, and Mel Lederman, will be playing brand new material, along
with the usual original chesnu