Friday, May 04, 2007


Hello and thanks to all who bought stuff from my sale in the last few weeks. There are still a few things left, so whatever is still listed below is still around and available.
I have been very busy working on my memoirs and that has kept me silent, isolated and broke most of the winter, but as the sun comes out, i am starting to emerge into a bit of Washington DC community, meeting new people and seeing what's happening in music and art and food. I am looking to join a writing memoir writing group, if anyones knows of a great one in DC, let me know..Will report as it happens in the near future.
Band news is that we will be playing some shows in France this month, as follows:
May 18 2007
Nuits Sonores Festival LYON
May 19 2007
L´Aeronef LILLE
May 21 2007
The band will be ME, Kiki Solis on Bass, and Danny Hole on drums.