Thursday, October 06, 2011

Julee Cruise cancels European dates. Kid Congo Powers and Khan rock on anyways!

 Julee Cruise has cancelled  her European dates due to health issues.  Kid Congo Powers and Khan  rock out on a few selected European dates in October anyways! . The press release explains:

 Kid & Khan

    A night equal parts drama, disco, rock n roll, provocation and
performance which could make the sane insane and the insane more
insane with pleasure.

    Kid & Khan , which is a duo made up of electric guitarist/singer
Kid Congo Powers (of The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave, The Pink
Monkey Birds ) and Can “Khan” Oral, seminal electronic musician,
performer, label owner (I’m Single) producer and pervert. Kid &
Khan’s  first album, “Bad English”  was a car crash of beats ,bleats,
and banging pop guitar slop.

   These two unique artists, known for three entirely different
musical styles met in New York City and now band together to blend the
sublime with the hilarious or the glamour with the trash. Live this
duo bends into different shapes and comfort zones.  Kid & Khan create chic mayhem with electro disco fuzz
pedal rock. Everything is askew, like a David Lynch film, Khan plays
dirty guitar licks, Kid goes disco and everyone rocks out!  One thing is
for sure, the drama and the fun never stops with  Kid &
23. Oct IT / Pisa / Caracol - CANCELLED
26. Oct CH / Geneva / Usine-CANCELLED
Kid & Khan shows: 
29. Oct    PL / Lodz / Teatr Muzyczny / Soundedit Festival  
30. Oct    UA / Kiev / XLIB Club