Thursday, August 04, 2016

NEW Video "La Araña"

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
'La Araña'
Deep in the heart of San Gabriel Valley there is a party brewing, and you’re invited. Not just any party, but a counter culture happening of the Chicano variety. If Fellini were born and raised in the SGV, this would be his scene (or definitely his roots). A cross section of brown and beautiful eccentric types from every walk of Southern California life just dancing, prancing, and romancing. A celebration in the key of enlivenment.
Director – Alex von Alex
Producer – Alexander Terrazas
Executive Producers – Elvia Lahman & Todd Lahman
Directors of Photography – Michael Ruggirello & Xander Zubitov
Production Design – Elvia Lahman & Todd Lahman
Editor – Michael Ruggirello
Unit Production Manager // FIrst Assistant Director – Gilbert Martinez
Second Assistant Director – Andre Soto
Assistant Camera & Grip - Isaiah Reza-Soto
Hair & Make Up – Veronica Chanel, Esther Vasquez, Laura Lucky Martin
a ské üblé production

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - "La Araña" (Official Video) from ské üblé productions on Vimeo.