Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Metallic Falcons show.

Hi just got home from playing at the record release party for The Metallic Falcons and had such a great time meeting some new people and seeing some old friends. The show was fun and diverse and was great to be on the somewhat mixed rooster. I was glad they invited me to play. I was happy to see my theremin playing friend Arman Ra playing with the beautiful set by NOMI , and Antony singing with them and with Metallic Falcons, who donned great white cotton long beards. Very beardy weirdy.
I was glad to be asked to play as they just approached me out of the blue and I was intrigued by their image and sound. Turned out to be a great sexually diverse group of performers, and made me glad to be so sexually diverse! I never get asked to do gay things, especially in music, and although this was not a "gay" event, it was the most mixed crowd I have played with in awhile. At least in NYC. Anyways, that's the thought of the moment. I am amped up and in a great mood. Playing with a stripped down crew was satisfying and challenging too. Jack played his French acoustic guitar, John Fell played a snare drum, high hat and wooden block as a kick drum, I played guitar and a few electronic things. The audience looked reall good from the stage... I was and am happy. Good night.

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