Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The first dates of the tour were a lot of fun. In Arlington, Va., Charlottesville, VA. and an amazing fun festival at The Talking HEAD in Baltimore. Big thanks to Lexi and Sam who were cooler than cool to us Pink Monkey Birds! Off to a good start. New is this weekend in New Haven , Ct., Cambridge/Boston, and Providence , RI. Dates below. I mentioned the new band and here is a pic of the boys, Danny, Kid, Jack and KIKI.
Dates this weekend: Fri 9/15/06, New Haven, CT, Cafe Nine
Sat 9/16/06, Cambridge, MA, Middle East Upstairs
Sun 9/17/06, Providence, RI, AS 220 Space



  1. beautyfull Pic Kid

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Sorry the Cleveland show last fall was so weak, but since living here I am realizing that people who live here don't like to do ANYTHING (unless they get something free out of it, then they come in droves looking for a fucking handout... but the same assholes bitch that everyone passes over Cleveland on tour... gee I wonder why... who the fuck would want to come here to play to a bunch of miserable assholes that are drunk and whiny, and not to mention, UGLY!)

  3. Slim Gil DeLuxe7:58 AM

    The Strasbourg show was like a Shamanic Ritual for me, 23 years after your concert here with the Gun Club
    Stay this "New Kind Of Kick" for ever and ever...
    Much Love and Respect