Monday, November 05, 2007

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HI , I will be DJ in NYC again this week at 2 parties! I will be playing Soul, Garage, 70's Glam, and trashy electro for your trashy pleasure. Please attend. I love you......KID
WEDNESDAY Nov. 7th FONTANAS from 8pm on!
105 Eldridge St, New York, NY
(212) 334-6740
CHERRY'S 10 YEAR Anniversary Party!
Bands: Woman of Color (San Francisco)
Fierce Perm (Olympia)
o Fresh
DJ: KId Congo Powers, Joshy Pants, and Person.
$7. cover
THURSDAY Nov 8th. Club Midway Upstairs From 10pm on!
25 Avenue B
New York City 10009
212 253-2595
FREE! of Kid at Glasslands Gallery by Paula Rameriz

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  1. Hallo Kid,
    Just lsiten to No comprendo and think to the good times we had together in Paris(which year was that???)Be sure you'll write ifyou are in brussels...I was pretty disappointed when I saw that Can came and didn't wrtie or phone to Alain as they used to be good friends in the past...You would love our daughter I think,she is really adorable;I knew all parents say that of their children msot of the time but she really is and that most of time if she isn't over bedtime.We work and so she tries to avoid to go to bed before nine,nine fiftenn,a bit late for a two and a half year odl Girl,isn't it.PS She loves to sing ;-)
    write to me if you my blog?(Salamandrina)
    Sandra,Alain and Saskia