Monday, February 09, 2009


It didnt take more than one look at a photograph of Lux Interior in 1976 to
realize he was a special creature. It didnt take more than witnessing one song of The
Cramps live to realize Lux burned with an uncontainable wildfire within. He was
sexy,funny,and dangerous all at the same time. The rockabilly howler, the
psychedelic seer, the latex and high heels pervert, the late night horror host,
the most exhalted potentate of love,the king of rock and roll. Lux was all
these things and so much more. He possesed the uncanny talent for zeroing in on the absolute
essence and beauty of the wild and weird, be it in records,films,books,photgraphy
or art from all eras past, especially those looking way into the future. His
findings have influenced hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Certainly it
has been stamped on me as a fan and as the guitarist for the Cramps from my
ages of 21 to 23, and continue in my works today.
The last times I saw Lux was in 2006 at one of their last shows in NYC. It
was the best show I had been to in years. The band was cooking and Lux was
brilliantly deranged and hilarious. During the always chaotic rendition of
"Surfin Bird" Lux climbed on the stacked drum monitors, peeking out of a slit in the
long black velvet curtains so that all you saw was his bleached blond head
glowing beautiful and grotesque, I saw the always cool Poison Ivy look up and
start laughing with appreciation and love. At that moment I was incredibly touched and so
thankful for The Cramps. It had been years since I had met up with the band and
backstage Lux kept hugging and kissing me. I was so happy to see them again. A
few months later my band, The Pink Monkey Birds played in Los Angeles and Lux
and Ivy attended and praised the show. Lux was a bit tipsy and very kissy again and
full of love. My sister Barbara was selling our merch and Lux ran behind the
table to greet her after not seeing her for 25 years.What a sweetheart. I remember Lux as glowing.
He commented to me that some of my stage patter could have come from his mouth.
I didnt hesitate to blurt out "I have learned from the best." Lux laughed and
gave me another big hug. That was the last time I saw him. I am honored to have
known the amazing and magical Lux Interior. We miss him already.


  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    thanks Kid for this post.
    I was lucky enough to see you with them in Paris, l'Eldorado in 1984. that was one of those "once in a lifetime" gig. then i got to interviewed Lux & Ivy in 1990. I was nervous but they were the most charming and kind people i ever interviewed. yes he will be deeply missed. and you are very lucky to have been part of all this.
    vivian from "the continental riot house" in menilmontant, paris.

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Thanks for writing that very eloquent piece about Lux and your years with them. I had a hunch you would have something to say.
    One of the things I have always admired about them (from afar, natch. I have never met them), is that they are always praising someone else or talking about who or what they love, music-wise. They have inspired so much mayhem that's sadly needed in this world. I'm really going to miss Lux and the Cramps. I sure hope Ivy continues to do something with her formidable talent. She smokes as a guitarist and is a walking lexicon of the history of rock n' roll!

  3. Apart from their own original music and aesthetic, I have also always respected Lux and Ivy as historians. I've seen photos and video footage of the amazing, one-of-a-kind collection of music, art, and pop culture ephemera they so lovingly displayed in their home. I believe I've even read that the duo had at least one copy of every single rockabilly 45 from that music's golden age! Personally, I'll cherish my memories of often bumping into Lux & Ivy at Aron's Records on Melrose in LA. In the late '80s, I was feverishly collecting episodes of the '60s tv series "The Avengers" on VHS. Aron's would typically get in new titles every Friday, and on several occasions I had to compete with Lux & Ivy for the new arrivals. Out of respect, I would let them get first pickings. It was the least I could do in return for all the fantastic music they created.

  4. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Thanks Kid, that was beautiful.

  5. SlimGil7:22 AM

    Lux is no Human, how can He die. He has just left for Mars and an exented holyday in the Galaxy and He will never be gone. Lux can never really die. We must pray to Lux now more than ever so that He may have our energy to send back to Ivy. Strongly felt His Spirit and know He's still on his Plane Of Existence He would never leave Ivy until She was ok.
    I pray to Lux send Him my energies and of course send those energies to Ivy...

  6. Carl Hayway5:52 PM

    Saw them first in 85 and that was it.
    Every tour until their last and met them twice-with the last time Lux and Ivy signed my Garbageman.Lux removed it from the sleeve and was pleased to see it was an original.He then said that it was in better condition than there copy!!
    They were so polite and friendly and I gave them a R and B cd of early 60's stuff which Lux said at last,something new for the bus!!!
    Mad respect for all concerned.