Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Glasgow Venue and tour updates!

Hello fiends. Great news is that Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds Glasgow show has be re-housed we are confirmed for the 26th Nov at Soundhaus in Glasgow. Hurrah!
Doors will be at 10pm, on stage around 1030-1100pm, & we will  have a DJ as support..Bring your dancing shoes!
Tickets on the door; £7 to club members & £8 to everyone else. SOUNDHAUS/47 HYDEPARK STREET/ANDERSTON/GLASGOWG/3 8BW/Tickets on the door; £7 to club members & £8 to everyone else. Please tell everyone the good word. All the Best, Kid and the PMB"s

Nov 25 2009 11:00P Cluny/ Newcastle
Nov 26 2009 11:00P SOUNDHAUS/ Glasgow
Nov 27 2009 11:00P The Old Angel/ Nottingham
Nov 29 2009 11:00P 100 Club/ Dirty Water Club/ London
Dec 1 2009 11:00P  Engine Rooms/Brighton (Stay Sick night!)
Dec 2 2009 11:00P L’Alcatraz/Roubaix
Dec 3 2009 11:00P L´Autre Club/Nancy
Dec 4 2009 11:00P Queen Kong/ Neuchatel
Dec 5 2009     Hazelwood Studios/ Frankfurt
Dec 6 2009 11:00P Passenger Zu Zinc/ Besancon
Dec 7 2009 11:00P Deep Inside/Dijon
Dec 9 2009 11:00P - Le Chabada/ Angers
Dec 10 2009 11:00P LA2 ( Primavera club fest)/ Barcelona
Dec 11 2009 11:00P Barreiro Rocks Festival/ Lisbon
Dec 12 2009 11:00P Wurlitzer Ballroom ( Primavera Club fest)/ Madrid
Dec 13 2009 11:00P Le Rendemains qui chantent /Tulle
Dec 15 2009 11:00P La Boule Noire/ Paris
Dec 16 2009 11:00P UBU/ Rennes
Dec 17 2009 11:00P L´Abordage/ Evreux
Dec 18 2009 11:00P La Nef/ Angouleme
Dec 19 2009 11:00P La TAF/ Montpellier
Dec 20 2009       Electric Sound System/     / .............Gigors


  1. Also just added to Glasgow Soundhaus gig, Twitch from Optimo will be DJ! This is awesome! Tonight in Newcastle we kick off the tour! We fgot new Mariachi suits too!

  2. El Diablo2:21 AM

    Great gig last night. I've posted a review on my myspace blog and elsewhere. It's on a few punk forums.
    Looking forward to the album in the new year.
    Hurry back to Glasgow.
    El Diablo