Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pre ORder Gorilla Rose and new video for "Goldin Browne"

Now you can pre order the new Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds album "Gorilla Rose" by clicking HERE
Also to celebrate here is a new video for the song "Goldin Browne" which was first heard on the Five Greasy Pieces singles box set and will be on the Gorilla Rose Lp. Note spacey intro by Intoxica Radio DJ Howie Pyro! Also Gorilla Rose/Dracula Boots producer, Jason Ward makes a cameo on keyboards in this song recorded live at The Harveyville Project's annual Prom in Kansas.  Directed by videographer/photographer Justin Kosman. Yes it is the very same gymnasium where Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds record their hit albums! 

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