Friday, January 22, 2016

"La Araña Es La Vida" Tour May 2016. New LP out April 22. added Portland, ME 5/22!!!

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds New Album: La Araña Es La Vida
Out April 22nd via In The Red Records
North American Tour Begins May 3rd
Photo: Rick Marr
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds' fourth and strongest album yet for In The Red Records“La Araña Es La Vida”, summons the Mexican muse of The Great Spider Goddess of Teoticuhan, who sprouts hallucinogenic morning glories and protects the underworld, or in Kid’s eyes, the world of underground music.  Recorded at The Harveyville High School gym in Kansas, Guitar slinger and singer, the legendary Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds), bassist Kiki Solis (Baby Baby Dance With Me, Knife in The Water, Rhythm of Black Lines), drummer Ron Miller (Switch Hitter, Up The Academy) are joined by Chicano, Mosrite playing guitarist Mark Cisneros( Des Demonas,Medications, Deathfix) on this self-produced ball of wax.
 “La Araña Es La Vida” rocks n rolls it’s way thru a planet of Glamazons (Psychic Future), blisters with the tricks of a “Magic Machine” then gets to work out a low rider groove on “Chicano Studies”.  Tales of gender bending, disembodied heads, gente from La Puente and even a TCB-era, Elvis-inspired rave up on “Karate Monkey” is merely a smatter of the magic on this platter.
A limited number of vinyl comes with a limited edition flexi disk; a cover of the Psychedelic Furs“We Love You”, plus an original tune; “Anything To Say", with the CD featuring a bonus track; “Nasty Hat”, as well as featuring completely different artwork from the vinyl.
The world is a wild and woolly place and with “La Araña”, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds will continue to mirror it.
Orale! Living La Vida Araña! pre-order

5/3/2016 San Diego CA Soda Bar tix
5/4/2016 Los Angeles CA Echo w/ Mind Meld   tix
5/5/2016   San Francisco CA Thee Parkside tix
5/6/2016 Portland OR Dante’s  tix
5/7/2016 Vancouver BC Rickshaw Theatre  tix
5/8/2016 Seattle WA Sunset Tavern  tix
5/11/2016    Brooklyn NY The Bell House  w/ SAVAK  tix
5/12/2016   Washington DC Comet Ping Pong W/ Escape-Ism and Lightbeams   tix
5/13/2016   Philadelphia PA Kung Fu Necktie  tix
5/14/2016   Pittsburgh PA Brillobox   tix
5/15/2016  Cleveland OH Now That's Class w/ Thomas Torrent tix
5/16/2016    Cincinnati OH MOTR Pub ( FREE show!) info

5/17/2016    Chicago IL Schubas Tavern  tix
5/18/2016    Detroit MI Lager House  tix
5/19/2016    Toronto ON Silver Dollar   tix
5/20/2016   Montreal QC Le Ritz w/ The Adam Brown  tix
5/21/2016   New Haven CT Cafe Nine  tix
5/22/16    Portland ME Space Gallery    tix5

5/23/2016  Providence RI Aurora (Free Show!)  info

Read the interview with Kid on life with The Cramps, The Gun Club and Nick Cave on Dangerous Minds here

Read Kid's article on 'How I Came Out Of The Closet And Into The Street' on Huffington Post here

There are few figures in rock that have the impressive resume Kid Congo has....a singular presence in every important scene …” Noisey

"Kid Congo's career is one for the (music) history books." Westword

"For as much as Powers' legend has been cemented in punk's history books, he's not out to promote a nostalgia trip; instead, he's interested in sharing new music. His current group, the Pink Monkey Birds, is still somewhat informed by the spirit of the early punk scene in which Powers came of age...he can't get over how cool it is when people come up to him after one of his live sets to tell him how important his music has been to them." OC Weekly

"...a true veteran of the garage rock game, proving that such raucous fun can never die – at least in the hands of a master!" KCRW

"Brewing together garage rock, horror punk, surf, broken blues, and sounds more exotic still..."
Washington City Paper


  1. Kid, I've sent you a message/ interview request via Facebook. BTW, it's interesting to me to note as a fellow blogger that you're using the template I used to use! I was reluctant to upgrade but recently did, and suddenly all my blogposts have Facebook LIKE buttons and other obvious/ useful things, without having damaged my posts. I had been on blogger even longer than you and was worried that older posts would get lost or such, but nope. This is what my blog looks like now - it was very easy to customize:

  2. Great news!

    How to be sure to get the limited edition single? There's nothing about it on the Midheaven pre-order page...

    Thanks, can't wait!

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