Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heartworm and Mayhem report

The Heartworm #37 event/reading last Saturday in NYC went really well and was lot's of fun. Lot's of great people, on and off stage. It was a freaky family reunion with a lot of friends I rarely see, like Max G. Morton and Wesley Eisold from Heartworm Press/Cold Cave, Little Annie, Kembra Phaler, Howie Pyro, Marti Domination,etc...etc.. I was also happy to finally formally meet Genesis P-Orridge, Boyd Rice (performing as NON), Jonathan Shaw, Eric Paul and Chris Leo. Now THAT is a gathering of the minds! HERE is a review in Time Out NY. Joly from posted a video of my reading HERE.
The following day I Bolted back to DC , caught the Paint Made Flesh exhibit at The Philips Collection and then was driven out to The Nission Pavillion in Virginia to interview drummer extraordinaire Dave Lombardo from Slayer for DC blog Brightest Young Things "Not your average interview " series at The Mayhem Fest! I felt like Bruno walking in there! Dave was a cool guy and answered all the silly questions we asked him, and Slayer was really HEAVY. But it was not lost on me that the night before at Heartworm #37 I had been sitting in a room with real polite Satanists, Magical thinkers, Manson acquaintances , and Gender benders. now THAT was HEAVY!

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