Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Just added! June 20 in Chico, California! Full schedule listed!

Just added! June 20 we will play in Chico, Ca at Duffy's Tavern! Hot on the heels
 of their successful European tour Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds West
 Coast tour this June to promote their new album "Gorilla Rose" on IN THE RED 
Records! Here are the full dates:
06/17/2011, Bellingham, WA, The Shakedown
06/18/2011, Seattle, WA, Crocodile Cafe w/ The Intelligence
06/19/2011, Portland, OR, East End w/ Cat Fancy
6/20/2011 Chico, Ca., Duffy's Tavern
06/21/2011, Santa Cruz, CA, Crepe Place w/ Non!
06/22/2011, San Francisco, CA, Rickshaw Stop w/ NON! (from France) not the
 B.Rice Non.
06/23/2011, Anaheim, CA, Juke Joint w/ Lords of Altamont and 
Haunted George
06/24/2011, Los Angeles, CA, Echoplex w/ The Middle Class,
 The Urinals, Grant Hart
06/25/2011, San Diego, CA, Casbah w/ Holly Golightly


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Wow I've just bought the Gorilla Rose album (little late I know !) its awesome !

    do you have any plans to play the UK again anytime soon ?

  2. Thanks! The record is still new I say! Looking into UK dates maybe late in the year. Will keep you posted..

  3. Heya,

    Ok, I was lucky enough to see you play last night. I picked up the new LP and also your live LP and had a chance to briefly say hi. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask you a tremendously important, and kind of odd, question - On Dracula Boots, my mom and I noticed an audible kick drum pedal squeak while listening to "Late Night Scurry." After listening for the squeak on other tracks I noticed you could hear it throughout the album. The squeak probably could have easily been fixed with a little grease. I figured it was probably noticed in mastering. On the new album, it is squeakless. Was it intentional that the squak was left in the final cut Dracula Boots?

    Odd question right?

    By the way, KILLER show last night. I look forward to seeing you next time your in SF.

  4. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I wanted to buy a t-shirt tonight at the show (which was great by the way) but you only had small sizes left. Anyplace I can purchase one online?